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Leadership Essay Examples

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Nursing Servant Leadership Paper

As we develop into leaders, one of the things we need to know is what it means to be a servant leader. Today such examples are greatly lacking. Servant leadership is a choice by a leader to follow the example of The Jesus Christ and The Mother Teresa and lead by serving, becoming a bondservant…

My Favorite Leader – Zhou Enlai

Abstract As is known to us all, Zhou Enlai, as a communist party member, the first premier and foreign minister of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), has a high reputation from home and abroad. This paper includes four parts in total. It starts with the brief introduction to Zhou Enlai and then pays more…

Motivation and Leadership Effect on Job Performance

Introduction Leadership and motivation traditionally play a very important role in the functioning of organizations. Nowadays, the role of leadership and motivation increases even more significantly because of the growing competition and the increasing significance of human resources for the progress of organizations. In fact, it should be pointed out that leadership and motivation are…



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This assignment will examine models and styles of leadership. A reflective analysis will be given of how I led a research team, the impact of Emotional Intelligence on effective leadership will also be discussed. “The word leader is derived from the Anglo Saxon ‘lede’, meaning ‘to go’. So an organisation that has a leader assumes…

Leadership in Julius Caesar

In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Cassius is shown as the leader of the conspirators. Brutus, as chose by Cassius, becomes a secondary leader in the plan to eliminate Caesar. Cassius and Brutus portray specific leadership qualities in very different ways. Brutus shows he is a more sufficient leader by his bravery, integrity and selflessness….


Values of great leaders can be found in various types of people. People who are of different ethnicities and are from different points of the world have shown to have unusual characteristics of leadership. There were many different approaches developed in studying leadership, one being the trait approach. The trait approach is based on the…

Fashion Icon & Fashion Leader

Abstract No one could have a accurate and comprehensive definition of the two terms “fashion icon” & “fashion leader” in the past decade while these two new words appear frequently in the fashion world today. However, it seems that these have their own significance and concept in two different cultural perspectives. The propose of this…

Mentoring Leadership

Leadership has always been an important principle that shapes and motivates people to become better. It serves as a catalyst providing opportunities for members to recognize their strengths and grow from their experiences. Seeing this, to better understand Jesus’ style of mentoring leadership, it is then crucial to identify common elements shaping this approach and…

The four situational leadership models

Abstract In this paper the team was asked to discuss the similarities and differences of the four situational leadership models. In the following paper I will discuss the SLT models which are Fielder’s Contingency Model, Vroom, Yetton and Jago Model, House’s Path-Goal Model, and Hersey-Blanchard theory. I will define the theories as well as compare…

Assessing Leadership Skills

This paper will provide information about the theoretical approaches that I will use to enhance my leadership effectiveness, it will discuss my leadership style and the reason I choose the style. This paper will also explain the leadership skills and qualities I already possess, with the skills and qualities that need improvement, along with how…

Leadership Learning Journal

As I reflect upon the readings of our text book and the leadership self-assessments I have learned a great deal about myself in regards to leadership. I have a lot of leadership experience but there are some areas I need to work on and improve. I’m not as resilient as I thought I was because…

Leadership: Ice Cream Division

This document focuses on the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division case study developed by Carl Sloane. Leadership opportunities and action are defined based on the characters in the case study. Dysfunction is evaluated both from a team aspect and from the leadership role. Specific development activities are identified to help the individuals develop emotional intelligence. Finally,…

Global Marketing Leadership

Global marketing leadership and ethical issues have become a more frequent occurrence give the increased business participation the ever growing global economy. Even though some people think that culture is fragile and when compromised will cease to exist, marketing can be both the preserving measure of a culture or its compromising factor. Marketing of products…

Leadership and Change

It is important that managers hire individuals who have the ability to do what is required. According to the Harvard ManageMentor scenario Mary felt that Jessica possessed the skills and knowledge to promote her as a leader. By Mary managing through her team leader, it is Jessica’s responsibility to lead employees by a task to…

Transformational Leadership, Policy, and Change

Abstract This paper will focus on how effective Leadership can influence policy and change in the United States healthcare system. The implementation of new policy, program, and institutional change is often meant to improve the quality of the nation’s ever-changing healthcare system. Several journal articles and texts have been selected particularly with a focus on…

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